At Longtown Primary School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is created from a variety of sources including The National Curriculum, Discovery RE, Rising Stars and White Rose Maths Hub. Our PSHE curriculum is made up of a variety of programmes tailored to meet the needs of our children and we use planning from the PSHE association, Kidsafe and Picture News to help us deliver this.   It is the schools belief that ‘Children come first’ therefore our curriculum needs to be vibrant, stimulating, engaging, exciting and most of all make learning fun. From this ethos, our pupils leave Longtown Primary School with a rich knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in the next phase of their learning adventure.

Cumbria Education Trust Curriculum

As part of the CET we have worked together to create a bespoke Primary Curriculum developing the starting point of our topic sessions based on a hook and knowledge harvest. This enables the teachers to modify the learning to fit the needs of the class. Learning is done through a comprehensive, thematic, creative approach with a clear focus on skill development with opportunities to revisit skills to embed and strengthen children’s knowledge.

To support the teaching and planning of RE, we use Discovery RE which is an enquiry – based approach to Religious Education for primary children of all ages. It is a progressive scheme that is broken into four steps; Engagement, Investigation, Evaluation and Expression. Through the enquiry based approach, children not only gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of world religions, but also develop an understanding of how beliefs impact on daily lives.

French is delivered in all classes in KS2 and is based on the National Curriculum Guidance for Foreign Languages.

Long term plans for English:

Year 1 CET long term –  Year 1 English

Year 2 CET long term – Year 2 English

Year 3 CET long term – Year 3 English

Year 4 CET long term – Year 4 English

Year 5 CET long term – Year 5 English

Year 6 CET long term – Year 6 English

Long Term Plans for Maths:

Year 1 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 2 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 3 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 4 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 5 Maths Long Term Plan

Year 6 Maths Long Term Plan

Curriculum Coverage by Year Group:


Key Stage 1

Year 1 – Y1 long term plan overview 20-21

Year 2 – Y2 Long Term Plan 2020 2021

Key Stage 2

Year 3 – Year 3 Long Term Plan

Year 4 – Long Term Plan Year 4 2020-21

Year 5 – Y5 Long Term Plan 2020-21

Year 6 – Y6 Long Term Plan 2020



Early Years Intent

Foundation Stage Curriculum Intent


Details of the National Curriculum can be found here: