Our teachers are Mrs Simpson & Miss Bell

Hi, I’m Mrs Simpson

This will be my fifth year in school so lots of you will already know my face!

I am also the Assistant Headteacher and SENCo here at Longtown.

I am originally from Carlisle but before I came here I lived in London for four years also teaching year six in a very big city school with nearly eight hundred pupils – many who spoke different languages; as well as coordinating the provision for children with special educational needs. Previously, I also worked in a nursery and as a teaching assistant at a school in Carlisle – so I have worked with children for a very long time and have lots of experience and stories to tell.

Many of you already know – I absolutely love Harry Potter! I even have two cats called Harry & Ron and a beautiful French Bulldog named Ginny (I think you can guess the theme) Visiting London and the Harry Potter Studios is definitely the best part of year six 😊 as well as all the learning of course…

In my spare time I love to get outdoors, exploring the Lake District with my fiancé.

I also love music and listening to live bands, you will often hear music playing in my classroom.

My favourite subject to teach is English because I absolutely adore reading and vocabulary, you will regularly find me with my nose in a good book!

I make sure I read lots of new children’s books that I can share with everyone at school, if you have a favourite story to share do let me know.

Useful websites:

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