8:40am – Doors open

The main school gates are opened at 8:40am where there is always a member of staff on duty. Foundation Stage children and parents go into school through their class doors. We encourage children to find their own coat pegs and follow the morning routines themselves.

Year 1 and 2 go into class through their class doors where the class teachers will be waiting for them.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all enter school through the doors on the playground where there is always a member of staff waiting. There are always plenty of staff around in the morning to help with the transition into school.

8:50am – School starts and the gates are closed

Phonics and reading/spelling groups happen across school at this early time so being in school on time is really important.

10.30am-10:45am – Break time

Classes from Year 1 to Year 6 all enjoy playtime altogether. With our extensive facilities, all children have the opportunity to play and meet with friends either on the adventure playground, main schoolyard or in the woodland area. Alternative provision is made for children who need to find a quiet space.

At playtime, the school council ensure there is a range of equipment out on the yard for children to play with.

11:50am – Nursery closes

Our Nursery is a morning only session, some of our children continue their day at Pear Tree (private nursery) while others go home. They are collected from the Foundation Stage gate.

11:50am – Lunch starts

Reception go for their lunch at 11:50am shortly followed by Year 1 and then Year 2 at 12pm.

KS2 lunch starts at 12:10pm where most classes go out onto the playground and are then called in by the Midday Supervisors for their lunch.

During lunchtime, we have a range of clubs and activities on for children to attend such as football, skipping and choir. Alternative provision is made for children who need to find a quiet space.

1pm – Afternoon sessions begin

2:45pm – Assembly

Throughout the week we have a range of different assemblies that children attend including singing, celebrating British Values, Demonstrating Powers of Learning, school council and celebrating good work with parents at the end of the week.

3:15pm – School finishes

Children are collected from the door they entered school through. If children are going home on the bus, going to Pear Tree or attending an after school club, they meet in the hall and are supervised by staff.

Children in Year 5&6 can walk home on their own but written permission must be given to school and a conversation with the head teacher is arranged.

Total number of hours per week = 32 hours and 55 minutes