Summer Term 2018 News

In Maths we have been learning how to tell the time to the nearest five minutes and minute. We have also been reading both digital and analogue clock and learning about the terms AM and PM. One of our activities was to go onto the yard and create a human clock. We were able to help each other practice telling the time by pretending to be the clock hands.

In English, we have just completed writing some very persuasive letters to famous people to invite them into our school. We have also written some amazing adventure stories where our character is able to help and rescue a person who has been kidnapped.

During the summer term our topic in year 3 is exploring the question ‘Why are you famous?’. We began by exploring all the people that we think are famous to create a big list. Lots of our ideas included Ant and Dec and Ed Sheeran.

Over the first half the of the term, we have been exploring famous and significant people from the past and the present. We researched past leaders and created a timeline to show when they were leaders.

We also discussed how the Royal family are famous and significant in Britain and around the world and explored the Royal Wedding. For this we researched who Meghan is and debated whether she is going to be more famous now that she has married Harry, or before when she was an actress. As part of our DT we designed and created our own wedding cake designs for the event.

Year 3 Newsletter (September 17)