Welcome to our Nursery Beethoven Class!

Nursery have been looking at Rainbow fish this week in literacy, where we talked about how being selfish meant the fish were sad and lonely. When the fish shared his scales he had lots of friends and was much happier. The children created a story map, made their own clay rainbow fish and talked about who their friends in class were and why.


We like to share our toys and play together in the house.

The children get to enjoy a story of their choice daily.

Our Staff:

   Mrs Grierson and Miss Clulow

Summer Term 2018 News

The children in EYFS have enjoyed learning all about Growing and Changing this term. They have created lots of different art work which is displayed around the classroom and had a fantastic trip with the Nursery to C & D Auction. Reception have also been learning how to add past ten using lots of different apparatus to help them. They’ve also been very imaginative in the outdoors making Frog Palaces.