The Ark – because everyone needs help staying afloat.

The Ark is a sensory based learning zone which caters for a wide range of children.
Some children have a parallel curriculum they follow each afternoon which mirrors the skills they are learning in class through a topic based approach. Other children are targeted for different nurture interventions such as wellbeing, peer support and play therapy.

All children may access the Ark at break times and lunchtimes to explore mindfulness.

The Ark is our calm space, filled with lots of different sensory equipment to create a culture that promotes positive mental health and emotional resilience.

Within the Ark, pupils can explore relationships education learning how to build social skills and work effectively with their peers. They are also able to work on their emotional development, accessing interventions such as ‘Positive People’ and ‘Happy to be Me’ alongside Lego Therapy and play based learning sessions.

Each class has well-being passes, that pupils can access when they just need some time to re-regulate. This means that if they ask for a pass, they are able to drop in to the Ark make use of the calming space and have some time to develop their mindfulness before returning to class when they are able to re-focus.

We are very proud of this space and the great value it adds to our school.

Creating a Community

Democracies and dictators. Empathy and equality. Resilience and respect. Just a few of the topics of conversation that buzzed around Carlisle Racecourse on Wednesday 7 November.