Our teachers are Miss J Andrews & Miss Clulow


Welcome to Reception. In Reception Miss Andrews and Miss Clulow will help support your child to develop learning and familiarise themselves with school life. We use exciting resources and fun activities indoors and outdoors which provide different opportunities for development. This includes role play, games and songs. The children will take part in phonics, English, maths and a topic activity daily. We also focus on gross and fine motor skills to develop movement through PE and funky finger activities.


Autumn term

During Autumn term, we will cover a wide range of different topics. We will begin the term with our All About Me topic where we will learn about ourselves and our families. We will be having a Superhero dress up day, which will begin the Superhero section of our topic. During our topics, we always focus on a book to link across all lessons. Across the first half term, we will look at Happy in our skin, Supertato and Leafman. This will then lead in to our Autumn topic, when we will use outdoor provision regularly to learn all about the changes that happen throughout the season. Every day we will have a phonics session to develop your child’s understanding of sounds. They will learn how to speak and write all sounds, beginning with Phase 2 at the start of the year.

Spring term

During the Spring term we are beginning a new topic, Sea Adventures. In English, we will be learning a variety of books linked to the topic including Sharing a Shell, Snail and the Whale and Commotion in the Ocean. Every day we will have a phonics session to develop your child’s understanding of sounds. They will learn how to speak and write all sounds, beginning with Phase 2 and continuing in to Phase 3 sounds. In Maths, we will be learning how to identify what one more and one less is when looking at an amount of objects. After that, we will begin to learn about shape patterns and 3D shapes. In Reception, we use a lot of practical activities to help with Maths and support learning. Finally, for topic activities we will carry out Science experiments and we will use various tools such as scissors to create different pieces of art and construction.


Dates for the diary

Monday 21st September – Superhero dress up day.

Wednesday 14th October – Forest school

Wednesday 21st October – Forest school.


(Information to follow for these dates through a text message, Dojo and the school newsletter)


Learning in all areas

During the day, the children have access to continuous provision. These are different activities set out, linked to topic and provide development in all areas for your child alongside teacher led lessons. The areas we have are Maths, English, computers, role play, small world, malleable, funky fingers, art, water and construction.


How to help your child at home

To support your child’s learning at home you could –

  • Go on a nature walk and listen to the different sounds around you. What can you hear? Draw a picture.
  • When you are out in the car see if you can spot any symbols or logos. What are they for?
  • Go on a walk and see how many numbers you can find. Then see if you can write the numbers.
  • Practise the phonics sounds that we have been learning.
  • Write a shopping list.
  • Read every day at home to practise segmenting and blending the sounds.

Useful websites:

www.phonicsplay.co.uk – Phonics games

www.topmarks.co.uk – Maths and English games

https://www.spellingshed.com/en-gb/ – Spelling practise

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zks4kmn – Activities including Maths, English, Art and a lot more.

www.oxfordowl.co.uk – Reading practise

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