Our teachers are Mrs Grierson & Miss Slater


Welcome to Nursery. In Nursery Mrs Grierson and Miss Slater will help your child to familiarize themselves with school life and our daily routine. We like to educate the children in a fun and exciting way using a multi-sensory approach through hands on experiences, games and songs. The children will take part in lessons daily through a thematic approach. As well as focused activities with the adults in the room the children will access different learning areas both indoors and outdoors. The children will have several opportunities throughout their morning to go outdoors and engage in the educational activities set up. We focus on fine and gross motor skills daily which leads into PE and the development of pencil control.


Autumn Term

This term we start off looking at ‘All about me’ where we can learn more about each other and our families. We will be having a Superhero dress up day to kick start our topic. We will look at a range of stories such as; Happy to be me, Supertato and Leafman. Towards the end of this term as the leaves will be falling from the trees we will look at Autumn and will take the children into our school woods to do two Forest School days. During this term the children will be going on lots of environment walks, focusing on our listening skills and practicing how to make different sounds using our body.

Spring Term

This term our topics are ‘Sea adventures’ followed by ‘Spring has Sprung’. The children will be looking at the text Sharing a Shell and Snail and the Whale, where they will begin to understand the structure of the story, the setting and look closely at the characters. We follow Talk 4 writing which allows the children through spoken activities to improve their understanding and writing skills. The children will have the opportunity to develop their acting skills by using props to act out sections of the story and create freeze frames to demonstrate their knowledge of the books.

In Math’s the children are learning that it is not just their fingers they can count but actions, food, toys and much more. They will also be working on positional language and direction. Our Phonics is streamed across two groups of children some are moving onto phase two and starting to learn how to say and form initial sounds. The other group are looking at phase one and developing their listening, rhythm and rhyme. Hopefully next half term we can start our Spring topic with a visit to a local farm and end the topic with our annual visit to the Auction. Within the Spring topic we will look at the books Jaspers Beanstalk and The Hungry Caterpillar.

All of our learning is carried out through play. The children learn with a multisensory and practical approach.

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Dates for the diary

Monday 21st September                Superhero dress up day

Wednesday 14th October              Forest School

Wednesday 21st October              Forest School

(Information to follow through, Dojo, text message and school newsletter)


Learning in all areas

Within our classroom the children have access to continuous provision these are areas that are set out to help the children meet all areas of their development. We have computers, a writing area, reading area, role play, sand/water, construction and small world. In our challenge areas the children can access Maths, funky finger, art, malleable and Literacy activities. These areas are all linked to our topic to support the children’s development. Each day the children will take part in story time, singing and circle time. This gives the children an opportunity to share their experiences and news.


Helping your child at home

There are numerous ways to support your child at home:

-Walking and Talking about what your observing

-Counting and looking at numbers on doors and car registrations

-Writing shopping lists

-Creating patterns

-Drawing different shapes

-Singing nursery rhymes

-Reading a book daily


Handy websites

www.phonicsplay.co.uk (Phonics games)

www.topmarks.co.uk (Maths games)

www.spellingshed.com (Spelling games & practise)

www.oxfordowl.co.uk (Reading practice)

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zks4kmn (Activities, science and topic)

Useful websites:

https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ – Phonics  (Some games are free)

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/  – lots of useful English & maths games (Aged 5-7 bracket)

https://kidsspell.com/ – Spelling games with pre made lists of spelling or lists can be made

http://www.ictgames.com – Maths and English games

http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/science/ – Science activities & games

Nursery News